Desert Rose

desert rose

A Home As Beautiful and Resilient As A Desert Rose!

desert rose interior view

The Desert Rose is similar to the flower in the way it loves sunlight. This is thanks to the home being fully functional off grid. As in, every piece of technology in the home runs solely on solar power. While there are always pros and cons to each tiny home, functioning off grid is definitely a plus. Not to mention, that this home also includes plenty of natural lighting. This further opens up the space to allow the decor to shine.

“Each of her veils, a secret promise. This desert flower. No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this”

desert rose blue LED

Moving through the home, you will find it to be quite modern. Add in the LED lighting throughout the home for a personal touch; another personal favorite. Something about lighting can drastically affect your mood. Additionally, the lights have a color option. This would allow you to have a different color for different activities or moods. For instance, if you always change the color to blue before bed, your body will become more tired when the blue lighting is on. Remember that there are ways to trick your mind into making desired changes. Furthermore, just like lighting can change the mood, a tiny home can change your mindset.

The Art Of Horticulture!

To have a green thumb, is in itself a superpower. Many people struggle to keep plants thriving and often choose easier plants to maintain. Although, there are ways to increase your potential of having thriving plants. For instance, making it a part of your routine to care for your plants. Additionally, instead of throwing away the information tab, consider taping or copying it down into a notebook. Really the key to taking care of plants is knowledge. For each passion in life, there is unlimited knowledge to gain. If you want your own green thumb, then consider starting small and build your knowledge from there.

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