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Nothing Quite Screams Fall Like An Auburn Color!

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In the coming days of fall, you begin to see more and more leaves change color. Creating a beautiful combination of yellows, reds and browns. Meanwhile, the Auburn features many neutral colors. Additions, like white and black accents, allow the different shades of wood to stand out. Furthermore, these neutral colors grant you the freedom to design the home in any theme. Simple things, like shades and rugs, are easy changes that go a long way.

“There is something so special in the early leaves drifting from the trees–as if we are all to be allowed a chance to peel, to refresh, to start again.”

-Ruth Ahmed

When living tiny, you may not want mix up the theme of your home too often. If you’re like me, then an autumn theme will appeal to you all year long. Rustic oranges and yellows feel comforting yet bold. Although, each color represents it’s own interpretations and feelings. Therefore, finding the color that speaks to you is important. For instance, I chose to make my office a sage green, which represents energy and growth. Others may prefer blue (calming), or even a red (passion). It may seem like just a color at first, but it does impact you subconsciously. This is why a realtor will tell you to paint neutral colors before trying to sell a home. Allowing a new owner the freedom of choice.

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Seasonal Hairstyles!

Have you noticed that getting your hair done drastically changes your mood? If so, make it a routine appointment. It is easy to forget and end up with your hair longer than desired. Meanwhile, dyeing hair causes it to need touch ups more often. However, needing a touch up means you can change your hair to the season. Brighter colors pop in the spring and summer, while darker colors mesh with fall and summer. Although, my personal favorite is a coppery blonde or even hazelnut. Find what hairstyle speaks to you this holiday season!

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