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Find Community In The Heart Of Acony Bell

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While the home itself may not be named Acony Bell, it represents a niche community in North Carolina. Oh, and it’s for sale! For many the biggest fear of living tiny is where they can park their home. In communities like this, there is no need to worry. The owners have done the hard part of finding land where legislature is more open to tiny homes. Not to mention, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by like minded people. Neighbors that understand the tiny lifestyle.

“I just write when the bell rings. I don’t have time to wait for inspiration.”

-Henry Mancini

Of course, this home does not have to stay in it’s current location. That is the beauty of tiny homes. For instance, the most important feature to look for when buying a home is location. Not having to worry about that means you can focus solely on the home. Furthermore, interior design can change, but a floor plan can not. Only you can decide if a floor plan will work for your lifestyle. Different wants and needs reflect in each tiny home. The one that speaks to you is likely one that will feel right to you.

acony bell home interior

Ring Home For Dinner!

These tiny home communities make me think of potlucks. A weekly potluck would greatly benefit the community. Each home is able to bring a dish; which keeps cost and mess to a minimum. All together creating a diverse and ample meal. Each dish portraying the personality of it’s home. Furthermore, food brings people together in a natural way. This is the time to spark conversation and come to know one another. You may even enjoy the same hobbies or, at least, have a mutual appreciation. Ultimately, you do not want to take your neighbors for granted, as you never know when you will need each other.

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  • Is the home in Acony Bell still for sale?
    I am interested in home that will be a permanent residence at Acony Bell.
    Please let me know

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