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A Mini Home That Is Modular In Design!

living room view

It is not often that we see homes on the Marketplace listed outside the US. Therefore, you can imagine our surprise to see this home is in Istanbul. Further showing that the Tiny House Movement continues to grow strong. More and more each year make the change to living tiny. Although, it is hard to beat the level of flexibility a tiny home provides. Even the Mini Modular uses lightweight construction to make it easily transportable. Meaning not only is it more efficient than a full sized home, it can also go with you.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

-Maya Angelou

Not to mention, the level of creativity seen in these homes over the years. The modular design of this home neatly separates the rooms. Making the real show stopper in this home the bathroom. The tile runs throughout the whole floor of the room. A modern design element that is still somewhat divisive. This is because while visual appealing, there are still pros and cons to every design. For instance, I love this look but dislike cleaning tile. Meanwhile, some may have no worries about that. This is truly what makes each home so unique: the needs of each person.

bathroom shower and sink

Modularity In Design

Simply modular design is a design principle that breaks a system into smaller parts; which can be independently created or modified. This is great for construction by making turn around time quicker. While mostly design based, I am also a fan of integrating different processes to make life easier. Meaning using modularity in day to day life. This can look as simple as breaking tasks into smaller tasks. Overall, turning your day into bite sized pieces can make it feel less overwhelming. Even if you are not overwhelmed, I recommend trying it out and seeing how efficient you become in your day.

Check out This Home On Tiny House Marketplace!

Listed For $60,000!



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