Nordic Weekender

nordic weekender

A Perfect Weekender Home With Some Nordic Flare!

interior view facing back of home

What could be a more perfect end to the week than your own tiny home. To live simply without worry. Often we see homes get larger and larger. Feeling secure with less is a challenge so we choose more. However, I am here to remind you that you can comfortably live with less. You may even find yourself more content with your life. Necessities in your live include somewhere to sleep, eat and shower. Luckily, the Nordic Weekender has it all. Everything else is a choice that you make. Less to manage results in less stress.

Kemst þó hægt fari.

You will reach your destination even though you travel slowly.

Icelandic Proverb
queen sized bed next to living area

More so, the best part is the change does not need to happen instantly. Things take time and learning to live more simple is no exception. First, you need to have less. When was the last time you got rid of things you no longer use? Sometimes it takes moving for people to realize this. However, there is no need to wait to minimize your material possessions. Put on some music or a podcast and reorganize your shelves and drawers. If this is no issue for you, then it may be time to make the change.

A Versatile Viking

The vikings were nomadic people. While they typically had farmland to come home to, they spent most of their time exploring the land. The Nordic ties in this home are not limited to how it looks visually. Instead, it goes much deeper as you realize this home provides your basic necessities. This allows you to spend your time exploring whatever land you hope to see. Alternatively, you can use this home for a rental or vacation home. There are endless possibilities to how you can shape your life around this home. Most importantly, consider how you can make this home work for you. Remember that you are not limited to just four walls.

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  • Love this if it can provide a good bathroom and micro kitchen with lift bed. How about leaving price?

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