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Have A Stay At The Chloe Cabin!

cabin chloe interior

Isolation can bring on many different feelings. There is something within us that craves social interactions. However, sometimes we get overloaded with the social noise. That is when reconnecting with nature revives a part of you. Self reflection is a beautiful form of self care that allows you to focus on your feelings. Taking out the day to day stressors puts focus on what really matters to you. Nestled in the Barossa Valley, you will find an escape named Chloe. While hidden in nature, there are other cabins 100m away allowing for some social interactions in your stay.

“There’s just something wonderful about getting a small group of people together in an isolated location, and there’s something about cabins themselves that imply both horror and fun. When you go to a cabin, you’re usually going to have a good time.”

-Drew Goddard
main entryway featuring queen sized bed

Personally, I love the versatility of staying in a cabin. Your stay is whatever you make it to be. Whether you wish to relax, adventure or both. There is only one stipulation when staying in the cabin: to leave the land as you found it. However, leaving no trace is good practice when interacting with nature. Additionally, take the time to be grateful for what the earth provides for you. Feel humble in that we are a tiny piece in a big world and enjoy every moment.

Time For A Reservation!

The best time to make a reservation for the Chloe is in the low season. You can easily make a quick getaway with $239 a night. If you choose to wait for the high season, rates run up to $349 a night. Not to mention, you have everything you need. Including access to a queen sized bed and full bunk beds, indoor shower, flushing toilet, and a glass cooktop. An indoor wood heater and A/C makes this cabin perfect for either season. Furthermore, the main prize of this cabin is the outdoor scenery. Set up with a camp fire pit and outdoor seating for the perfect vacation spot!

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  • Very nice. Wow! Some thought was put into this build. I do have one question. Is there more work done around the large window area? Traveling with various conditions ie: wind, roads, etc. puts stress on the whole structure so, is there additional building done to protect this area from just blowing out?

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