Potluck String Lodge : Winona, Minnesota

Potluck String Lodge (PSL) is situated within Prairie Island Campground along the Mississippi River. With cottony sheets, coffee & towels, paddle sport equipment & bikes, and an outdoor fire ring, you can simply show-up, relax, reconnect, and recreate. This tiny house tells a story about the Boats and Bluegrass music festival and one of the campground picking circles hosted by the Potluck String Band.

As the tiny house movement has built more momentum, we’ve seen them popping up everywhere. Lately one of the most exciting collaborations has been between the tiny house and the short-term rental market. We all love a good Airbnb or VRBO but now we have the option of living out our tiny house dream even if it’s just for a weekend. This new series of Envy will feature these tiny house/vacation rental love children. We hope you like it!

Potluck String Lodge : Winona, Minnesota

What does Anne want you to know about her property?

PIC boasts a vibrant Community Garden and Campstore where guests may connect with other guests, gather a few fresh ingredients for a meal when the garden is in production, and appreciate the efforts of local artists. You can purchase firewood, ice, snacks, Prairie Island Campground apparel, and bug repellent. During most weekends between June and August, we host the Campfire Concert Series, yoga, fun family educational programming that centers on observing the surrounding ecology, and movies projected on an outdoor screen. 

What are the accommodations like?

This spacious 2 bedroom tiny houase has all you need for a comfortable stay. The extra amenities will inspire you to get back in touch with nature. One canoe, 1-kayak, and 2-cruiser bikes, are included in your stay! Additional equipment such as Stand up Paddle boards, and additional boats and bikes may be rented through our rental service. Don’t forget the bug repellent! The PSL is situated in the backwaters of the Mississippi River valley which is teeming with life. Also, a gas grill and a fire ring are available for outdoor cooking.

What do others have to say about their experience?

“This property is situated at the far end of the campground with nothing between you and the scenic views of the river and surrounding bluffs. The house has everything that you need to be comfortable and relaxed while enjoying the peaceful surroundings. We enjoyed the outdoor seating, grill, and nearby fire pit and had a blast fishing, disc golfing, and playing at the beach. Our family of 5 would certainly stay there again.” Jason

If you stay in this lovely tiny house be sure to check out some of the local attractions.

1. Minnesota Marine Art Museum

2. Great River Bluffs State Park

3. Lakeview Drive Inn

For more information on this rental or to book your vacation, please Click Here For their listing on Airbnb.



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