The Maverick

26' tiny house

The star of this home is the kitchen. It’s big and beautiful! The butcher block counter tops are a nice contrast to the all white walls and light grey cabinets. And the full size appliances make you feel like you are in a traditional sized kitchen. If you would like to see more of this home or learn about the builder please follow the link to Maverick Tiny Homes.


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  • This tiny home is beautiful. I believe it is one of the top five that I have ever seen. Great job. Just one note, when I saw the kitchen from the loft I thought that maybe a two burner stove would be better in that it would give you more room. And being a tiny home most people wouldn’t use more than two burners at a time. But the bigger oven is wonderful. Does it have solar panels? I have always thought that solver gives you more options. Propane is very expensive and they have hot water heaters that are electric. Anyway great job. Claire

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