22′ Cottage Shack

tiny house envy

This is a true tiny at 22′ and it just perfect! The layout is efficient and it includes most of the comforts of a modern home. The kitchen doesn’t include an oven but with the money you save on living expenses you can buy cake everyday! If you want to see more of this home or learn about the builder please follow the link here to Mini Mansions Tiny Homes.


  • Storage? Clothing goes______? I already live in a Tiny House & the only reason I look at more houses online is for storage ideas. I live in mine year-round, it’s not just a ‘vacation’ house or something to rent out to people who have no luggage with them. I appreciate ‘realistic’ Tiny Houses to view.

  • Paula, this site is not just for you. Also, relax. You seem actually pissed off about this home’s lack of storage (according to you). Do you need a hug?

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