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Whoa Nelly! Now that’s a big tiny! The RV industry has been using slides for a long time and now the tiny house builders are getting in on the game. This house has two slides that extend the living room and the bedroom. Great options if you need a little more space to be comfortable. If you would like to see a ton more pictures or even purchase this home you can see it here on our Market Place.


  • Could you please provide somewhere on your site a way for people to get more info on builders, pricing and ordering? I have searched and can’t find anything, including a Contact Us link? If this site is to post photos and just get advertisers to advertise building, it would be super helpfil of you added a statement around your goal for posting photos. Thanks

    • HI Molly,
      This is a home listed for sale on our Market Place. Just follow the link to the listing you see in the article. All of our postings on Tiny House Envy have links to either the builder or owner of the home.
      Take Care!

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