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Ok gang, try to follow along with the pictures of this one. First of all it’s only 28′ but presents much bigger in my opinion. So we walk into a nice kitchen with high end finishes. This opens to the living space with a built in sofa that doubles as a dining area with a fold down table. So far so good. But here is where it gets a little weird. You then go through a door into a small ground level bedroom. I’m not crazy about the size of this room and think it would be better utilized as an office or just an extension of the living room. Continuing on, you climb up 3 steps and go through a door that is half covered by the goose neck portion to enter the bathroom, which is lovely. Then onto my favorite space as you take a U turn into the super big expansive sleeping loft. Whaaattt? Now this is where I would have the main sleeping area. There is enough space for a king bed, a nice closet area and a reading nook. What do you think of the layout of this home. You have to admit it’s different. If you would like to see more or even buy this home check it out on our Market Place here.

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